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“It is very important that you can understand what types of features and specifications manufactures and suppliers are talking about with each model. Here you can learn more about copier lingo so your business can get the most helpful functions for your office.”

ADF (Automated Document Feeder) –

is a device used to automatically feed one or more originals; saving time loading the originals individually.

Average Monthly Copy Volume-

The approximate number of copies generated by a device per month.

Bypass Tray-

Additional paper tray with a straight paper path that reduces the risk of jamming and allows you to copy many different types of paper, such as envelopes, labels, heavy paper, etc. Bypass trays typically hold anywhere from 1-100 sheets of paper.

Color Copiers-

Color copiers use digital laser technology and can duplicate in black and white as well. Most color copiers can be configured to act as a color printer, and you can also get an ink-jet color printer with scanning capabilities that will essentially function as a color copier.

Copy Speed-

Copies per minute (CPM) refers specifically to the number of letter-sized copies the machine can produce in one minute when running at full speed. This does not include making two-sided copies, copying on to larger sheets, automatic feeding or sorting or any other advanced function.

Document Feeder-

A document feeder allows you to copy multi-page documents without having to lift and lower the cover for every individual sheet.

Document Imaging-

is an information technology category for systems capable of replicating documents commonly used in business. Document imaging systems can take many forms including on demand printers, facsimile machines, copiers, multifunction printers, and document scanners.

Duplex Copying-

Is the ability to automatically copy on both sides of a page.

Electronic Sorting-

Each collated set is output horizontally, then vertically. This allows users to collate sets of copies without buying sorter bins or being limited by the number of copies.
Finisher-Is an output device, usually with an automatic-stapling device. The word “finisher” is often used to describe the entire OCT/stapling device, not just the stapling part.


Is an add-on accessory for a copier or printer that provides the ability to insert pages into a finished set without sending them through the copier or printer.

Large Capacity Tray-

Generally refers to a paper tray holding 1,000 sheets or more

Ledger-Sized Paper-

Measures 11×17 inches

Legal-Sized Paper-

Measures 8 ½ x 14 inches

Letter-Sized Paper-

Measures 8 ½ x 11 inches

Multifunction Device-

Performs other functions in addition to copying and faxing. Such as; copying, scanning, and printing.


also known as Offset Catch Tray is a device that receives copied pages, mechanically offsetting each.

Paper Trays-

We tend to use the words “drawer” and “tray” interchangeably when talking about paper supplies. These days, the standard paper trays are almost always frontloading, as are some options, but large-capacity trays holding 1,000 sheets or more may be attached to the side of the copier. Check out both the number of paper trays and their capacities.


(Reversing Automatic Document Feeder) – Is a type of document feeder that can handle double as well as single sided originals in contrast to an ADF that work only with single-sided originals.

Service Contract-

The agreement with a dealer selling you a copier that outlines arrangements for repair and routine services for the copier


A series of horizontal bins near the output tray of a copier. The bins move up and down the side of the copier to collate pages in the order that they are outputted from the machine. Some sorters, called sorters/staplers, can also automatically staple the finished documents.

Staple Sorter-

Is a type of sorter device that staples copied sets automatically after the pages have been delivered to the bins.

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